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Graduates of the department

During the period of existence of the department, more than 4000 specialists were trained in daytime, evening and correspondence forms, including more than 180 specialists for foreign countries (Poland, Vietnam, etc.). More than 70 research and business works on fundamental and applied research on modern instrument making have been completed.

Graduates of the department have significant achievements in professional activities and work in various fields of industry, science and education. As examples of outstanding scientists, industrialists, state graduates of the department can be called:

• Talanchuk Petro Mikhailovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, President of the Academy of Engineering Sciences, Academician of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, President of the University of Ukraine, former rector of NTUU "KPI", the first minister of education of independent Ukraine;

• Mamedov Roman Kamilievich Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head. cafe LITMO, Russia;

• Synelnik Vyacheslav Ivanovich, director of Vileika plant (Belarus);

• Glushchenko Anatoliy Romanovich, Director General of the photocurrent "Photopilot", Cherkasy;

• Iliev Ilia Kolev, Ph.D., Head. Department of the Gabrovsky High Mechanics and Electrical Engineering Institute in Gabrovo, Bulgaria;

• Ivanov I.A., Deputy Director director of the clock factory in Gabrovo, Bulgaria;

• Igova I.K., Chief Designer of the Instrument-Making Plant, Sofia, Bulgaria.

• Golub VV Senior Software Design Engineer at Microsoft Corporation Redmond, WA, USA and others.

Today, special attention is paid to preserving the traditions developed by the department in previous years, to further strengthen ties with the Academy of Sciences, leading enterprises, international institutions, the opening of new specialties ("Information Technologies") as an answer to the needs of our time. Improvement of the educational process, introduction of modern information technologies, equipment of laboratories with new modern computer equipment and software (European program utilization by the modern design system "Katia", search and establishment of new ways of scientific and educational cooperation with profile institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (I-T Cybernetics, GAO NANUkraine, with Arsenal, NTK Antonov and others).

The laboratories of the department are equipped with modern computers, including "LENOVO".

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