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Foreign Partnerships

Foreign partnership

In the field of international activity:


International cooperation (activity) of the University is an integral part of the educational, methodological, educational, scientific-innovative and organizational activities of the University, which is carried out by concluding agreements, co-operation, establishing direct links with higher educational institutions, scientific institutions and enterprises. foreign states, international organizations, funds, etc.

International cooperation (activity) is carried out at the level of the University, at the level of faculties and educational-scientific institutes, at the level of departments, scientific subdivisions, joint international structures, student and youth organizations and at the individual level in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

International cooperation (activity) of the University includes international relations and international protocol, international educational, scientific and technical and innovative activity, organizational and foreign economic activities.

International cooperation is carried out with the purpose of expanding the participation of institutes, faculties, educational institutes, departments, centers and other units in international educational and scientific programs and projects for transforming the University into an international higher educational establishment with high standards of education and science, entry into groups of the leading technical universities of the world, and to increase the income on the basis of this University on the basis of various types of international activities.

The University carries out foreign economic activity in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

Foreign exchange and material revenues from the foreign economic activity of the University are used to ensure the fulfillment of the statutory tasks of the University.

The University can carry out international activities through the creation of joint educational and scientific programs with foreign higher educational institutions, scientific institutions, organizations.

Preparation (together with the LCA) of draft agreements on cooperation with the units of foreign universities and the organization of their implementation;

Initiation, holding, formation of the program of international conferences at the department level, faculty;

Preparation of project proposals for participation in international contests, programs, funds, grants; Participation in international scientific researches and publication in international editions;

Delegation of employees for participation in international conferences, seminars, competitions, exhibitions;

Providing training for foreign students;

Development of academic mobility through participation in international programs and projects;

Making suggestions for creating joint structures with foreign partners (laboratories, centers, research groups, editorial teams, consortia, etc.);

Ensuring the participation of the department's staff in international professional organizations (mechanics, electricians, material scientists in welders and in other similar professional associations);

The coverage of the results of the educational and scientific activities of the department in English.

The faculty pays great attention to international activity. International relations of the graduation department with educational institutions and organizations of other countries are characterized in two directions: retraining of specialists for foreign countries and inter-university cooperation with foreign universities-partners. The efforts of the department are aimed at finding grants for students' training and participation in international events, as well as participation in international projects. To this end, a consortium of individual countries is being formed to implement the European projects of the Horizon 2020 program. The department conducts scientific cooperation with the following countries:

- with Poland, China, France, Sweden. At present, negotiations are under way on the preparation of a joint project with Poland (Lodz, Gdansk), France (ICAM) in the European program "Milestones 2020".

Studying for a double degree program at leading European universities

Also, in recent years, students have passed the studying for a double degree program at leading European universities

Also, in recent years, students have been undergoing two-year tuition training at leading European universities: Ivanova O. was trained in Germany, Shalagatsky V. and Sanalaty M. in France. During 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, The department received grants (on average five grants) from Poland for participation in the International Eastern European Summer School at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, PDH work Shopin. The Department of Instrument-Making has created in 2012 a joint educational and scientific center for modern instrumentation "New sensors and measuring systems" of the Instrumentation and Modern Aerospace Optical and Electronic Technology Company of the People's Republic of China. The department also maintains scientific links with the institutes of Belarus (Brest), France, Sweden and Bulgaria, Poland.


International scientific cooperation. Analysis and examples of unit participation of scientists in international research projects, contracts, grants and contracts. Examples of international scientific cooperation for each country to lay the table for the form given in Annex 9 to order. Give examples of participation in the EU "Horizon 2020" (number of projects submitted and won, consortium members, the results of the project).

The department conducts international scientific cooperation with offensive countries: - Poland, China, France, Sweden and Switzerland. Currently, negotiations are conducted on preparing joint project with Poland (Gliwice, Lodz), France (ICAM) in the European program "Vehy 2020". Also, the Department took part in the international conference E - Technologie sn Engineering Education.Otwarci na nowe wyzwania -wybieramy MOOC. Politechnika Gdansra.

- France - participating in the project Erasmus +.

- from Germany - participated in The 3 rd IEEE International Symposium on Wireless Systems within the Conferences on Intelligent Data Acguisition and Advanced Computing Systems. Offenburg, Germany, 26-27 September 2016;

- the People's Republic of China by Beijing Aerospace Times Optical-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Open joint educational center of modern instrumentation "New sensors and measuring systems" department instrument on which planned stazhyrovky employees of the company and the group.

- also signed an agreement with the Beijing Institute of Aerospace control devices (Beijing Institute of Aerospace Control Devices) People's Republic of opening joint educational center of modern instrumentation "New sensors and measuring systems" department instrument on which it is planned to conduct scientific work and stazhyrovky staff the company and the group. Also in late 2016 carried out by delegations in the 2 nd International Symposium on Precision Opto-Mechatronics Technlogy (SPROMT) 2016. Beijing, China on Octobre 27 - 30, 2016, held to clarify the plan of cooperation introduce that in 2016-2017 years.

A and in the process of discussing a joint project involving the University to develop the cosmic system bezpilotnykovoyi elimination of possible disaster totaling 9 million.

However, due to internal circumstances in Ukraine spivrobitnytsttva activity decreased this year.

For the European program "Vehy 2020". In 2016 the Department of PB PSF with FEL (responsible Ivashchuk Anatoly) under the leadership of academician Yu Yakimenko worked together on projects of Alternative Energy for European program "Vehy 2020". In the consortium includes the following countries: France (ICAM) and two French companies, Poland (Lozskyy Institute of Technology), Turkey (Scientific Academy) and Ukraine (NTU "KPI" Lviv Polytechnic.). Coordinator expressed his desire to be Lodzskyy Institute of Technology. However, at the final stage for unknown reasons, two French firms and vidkazalysya Turkey to take part in the competition. Currently working on a new organization konsorsimu in connection with the revelation of new programs. Negotiating with Poland from Technological University and France, and the second project with Norway and Sweden. Maintains joint negotiations with Beijing Institute of Aerospace control devices (Beijing Institute of Aerospace Control Devices) People's Republic of China on the possibility of submitting joint project alternative energy source for the European program "Vehy 2020".


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